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Special Casting Co. Ltd. Hangzhou rise built in 1985, is located in Hangzhou Qiantang River economic development zone. Hang around on the East Road, bounded State Road 104, south on State Road 320, Dinghu Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, excellent location and is very accessible. This is sand casting, precision casting and forging professional manufacturers, a strong technical force, more than 260 employees, 15 were technical staff. Detection well-equipped to test skilled. Technology companies have product design, mold making, casting, machining and heat treatment linked to production and processing system. The production capacity of 15,000 tons, according to various user requirements Cast carbon steel, stainless steel and low alloy steel in the rough pieces, processed into various product components. The Company is China Foundry Association member units, a comprehensive quality management system, ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification. The Company Precision Castings weight from 8 grams to a few 10-, sand casting 50 kg to 35 tons, surface roughness and material control all reached the national standard. Company products are widely used for transport, metallurgical mine, oilfield machinery, engineering machinery, extruder equipment, medical equipment, power equipment, and ancillary equipment such as turbine industry. Domestic products sold in more than 10 provinces and cities. Welcome to welcome friends at home and abroad to come to the site visits, cooperation in various forms, for a glorious enterprise.

Major equipment

After the equipment of 2006, there are major equipment, electric furnace: 10 tons a Desk, 2 - 3 tons, a 1.5 tons of Taiwan, 0.75 tons of two Taiwan, a Taiwan 0.5 tons, 0.25 tons of two Taiwan; Winds argon purification pouring ladle bottom: two 15 tons, an eight tons, three 3 tons; lane: four 32 tons, 20 tons of 2-, 5 to 10 tons, 5 tons of nine; an electric flatbed tricycle 40 tons of Taiwan; S114 - Mixer four; a stove to 200 tons of Taiwan, a Taiwan 60 tons ; may parabolic single peen 10 tons of equipment; a package of precision casting equipment and laboratory equipment. Large-scale processing equipment include: 2.5 m vertical lathe (digital), 4 meters legislation vehicles (digital), 3 meters x 6 meters gantry boring and milling machine, 2.5 meters meters, 6,110 meters, Φ160 CNC milling machine landed Boring, Boring landing Φ NC milling machine, 6110 Rocker drilling .

Representative products

Name Pic No. Max Size(mm) Single(kg)
Feeding Cover M528.3-2 ø3680 17500
Half Gear M528.4.3.1-1 ø5130 9000
Rack BGY6-1B Long5900 26800
The main fuel tanks 2500t YJQ-2350 ø1740x3140 22500
The main fuel tanks 2000t
XJ20-07 Long2750 24900
Pole 04, 45 Pole, Pole 60, and 70 pole
Flywheel, the pulley, roll skins, roller,
A series of loop-cylinder, the cylinder in the second half, the steam nozzle side room, Shell valve, valve cover Commissioned by the production company
A series of nodes Commissioned by the company, production, single - 12.4 tons to 15 tons, for a total of 18.
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